Purely by happenstance, one summer at the Kerrville Folk Festival Dan Clantonand Doug Coppock began talking about songwriting, performing, and collaborating on a project back in Arkansas. Both singer-songwriters who had performed with groups and as solo acts all over the country, Dan and Doug were looking for a new format that would allow them to move beyond the limitations of solo performance while maintaining the intimacy and emotion of acoustic coffeehouses. When they got back home to Conway, Arkansas, purely by happenstance bassist Brooks Walthall was looking for a new way to channel his considerable talent, experience, and interest in acoustic music. As a result, Happenstance was born, performing original songs that mirror the varied backgrounds and influences of its members. From West Texas twang to Delta Blues and definitely everything in-between, Happenstance’s songs are a melting pot of everyday things and extraordinary circumstances.
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